Hot Shots: Vinny Lands A Guest-Starring Role On 'The Hard Times Of RJ Berger'

Ever since filming wrapped for Season 3 of "Jersey Shore," the gang hasn't slowed down for a second. In between championing a variety of anti-cyberbullying campaigns and luring in ladies with his (spray) tan, Vinny's been focused on starting an acting career. So focused, in fact, that he's already secured a gig!

Last week we sent a photog to the set of "The Hard Times of RJ Berger," where Vinny was shooting a guest-starring spot as the leading man's cousin (ha!). It's a far cry from the part of a mental hospital patient, but it sounds like a great starting point. Check out pix from what he described on Twitter as the "best time" of his life, then tell us if you're excited to see Vinny break out from behind the gelato counter and bust into the world of scripted television!