Kevin's Blog: Happy Anniversary, 'Back To The Future'!

Q: Kevin, what's your favorite movie?

A: "Back to the Future."

That's 100 percent true. I love the entire trilogy. Whenever one of those movies is on TV, which seems to be every day, I get sucked in. I've probably wasted hundreds of hours of my life watching Marty McFly screw up (and fix) history (and the future).

You probably already knew that the film's 25 year anniversary was coming up, but you may not have realized that it's actually today, Oct. 26!

On this day, 25 years ago, the adventures of Marty and Doc began, but after all this time, I still have a few questions about the movie:

Why were they friends? Marty was a teenager and Doc was an old man. When you think about it, it's a pretty weird relationship. If I ever invent a time machine, I'm gonna go back to the exact moment they met and figure this one out.

Another question, and I'm certainly not the first to ask this: Where was the second DeLorean in Part III? Marty showed up in the Old West in a DeLorean. Doc was already there. How did he get there?

Regardless of my questions, the movies are great and I'm thrilled that this anniversary is giving us an opportunity to celebrate them. I'm also thrilled that Nike is apparently coming out with a Marty McFly shoe to commemorate the silver anniversary. Check it out:

I want them! Happy Anniversary, "BTTF"!