Could You Handle Being 16 And Pregnant?

If watching "16 and Pregnant" has shown us anything, it's that having a baby before you're ready means making numerous sacrifices. Between the almost certain reality of being forced to rearrange post-high-school plans and struggle with financial instability (not to mention facing disappointed family members and judgmental peers), it's a rough road for anyone to go down. At least, that's what it looks like to us. And with tonight's premiere of "16 and Pregnant," we got to wondering how many viewers share our opinion.

The last thing we want is to sound preachy--it just seems so damn hard to deal with an unplanned pregnancy, especially at such a young age. Or does it? We want to hear whether or not you think becoming a teen mom is something you could take on if necessary. Vote in the poll, then tell us your reasoning in the comments.

How hard does being 16 and pregnant look?

  • Incredibly difficult. I could never do it.
  • Not so bad. I could handle it.