Should Whitney Port Be The Next MTV Star To Compete On 'DWTS'?

How would class act Whitney Port look doing the rumba in a heavily bedazzled cut-out dress? We tried to get a clear picture with a little photoshopping exercise (see above) and were actually surprised by the results. Cute, right? Plus, if former "Hills" star Audrina Patridge can pull it off, we think Whit should totally give "Dancing with the Stars" a shot. And so do her friends!

Following yesterday's sad news that "The City" will not return to MTV for a third season, TV Guide spoke with the show's leading lady about what's in store next. While much is up in the air, she can tell you one thing for certain--the girl's done with having her life turned into a soap opera. Sounds like perfect timing for a stint on "DWTS" (it's so trendy right now)!

Whit told TV Guide she's tempted but doesn't think it'll happen. Meh. We're convinced she can be swayed judging by this little tidbit from the interview: "I have a lot of people in my life that are telling me that they want me to do it." We're right there with 'em, Whit! Let this blog post serve as our official vote to get you into the competition. Please consider it--after all, what do you have to lose aside from 75 percent of your clothing fabric?

+ What do you think? Should Whitney Port be the next MTV star to take the "DWTS" stage? Talk amongst yourselves...