'World Of Jenks' Poll: Should Anastasia Let Her Wall Down?

Tonight Andrew Jenks fled the hustle and bustle of New York City and landed oceanside in Southern California, where he met pro surfer and mega beach babe Anastasia Ashley. Aside from her striking features and perfect blonde tousled hair, he also noticed that she had quite a bite to her, especially when fellow riders got in her face. It wasn't until she opened up and told the "World Of Jenks" boss about the death of her mother that he finally understood her cold demeanor.

+ After learning about Anastasia's loss, Jenks thought she should tell more people about it, but what do you think? Does she need to let her guard down in order to be a successful surfer, or is acting tough all part of being an athlete? Take the poll!

Should Anastasia let her guard down more?

  • Yes, there's no need for her to make enemies in the surf community.
  • No, she's a tough surfer and there's nothing wrong with that image.