Stealing A Lock Of Robert Pattinson's Hair: Cool Or Creepy?

On tonight's episode of "The Buried Life," the inspirational foursome turned to fans of the show for their next task. And just what did the people dare them to do? End world hunger or test their physical limits by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro? Nope, they asked for something probably even harder: to steal a lock of Robert Pattinson's hair.

With the help of Twitter and some seedy stalkarazzi, the boys followed a trail that led them straight to the studly vampire, where they triumphantly snipped a strand of his shaggy mane. We gotta hand it to those Buried Lifers, they're really cleaning up this season!

+ We were so impressed when Dave and Jonnie returned to the car with Robert's split ends in tow, but how about you? Was it a cool mission, or were you totally weirded out? Take the poll!

The guys completed their dare! So was it cool or creepy?

  • Awesome! I'm so jealous they met him.
  • Gross, who wants someone's hair?