9 Shiny, Happy Moments From Season 2 Of 'Jersey Shore'

Season 2 of "Jersey Shore" brought the drama, but it wasn't all hair-pulling and co**-blocking--there were some really happy times too! As Boyz II Men once put quite eloquently, it's so hard to say good-bye to yesterday, which is why we've decided to extend our Miami farewell with a fond look back at all of the stuff that made us smile. Check 'em out, then vote for your favorite moment in the poll.

Episode 2: After a night of heavy partying, Mike "The Situation" chases the hair of the dog--mid-slumber--with a nice lukewarm bottle of beer. Atta boy!

Episode 6: Maybe it wasn't a fun time for him, but finding out that Mike made out with a transvestite tickled us to pieces. We're sure he'll be able to laugh about it in 60+ years.

Episode 7: What could make a gold-digger-in-training feel more special than receiving the gift of a Fossil watch from a guy dressed in a three-piece suit? Probably if it were a Rolex, and he wasn't such a nice person.

Episode 8: Vinny's family, including the unforgettable (and incomprehensible) Uncle Nino, comes to visit, and they bring a lot of chest hair and antipasti.

Episode 9: Pauly D recruits some hot chicks to bury Vinny in the sand. Now this is a seriously whimsical scene--like, Doublemint gum commercial level.

Episode 11: After Angelina's rough and tumble exit, a celebration commences. The boys pop the champagne and move her bed out of their room.

Episode 12: When JWOWW creates a house hook-up chart, she and Snooki seem repulsed yet amused by their dysfunctional family's antics. We second the notion.

Episode 13: Granted he's taking on Vin's rejects, but it's a hallelujah moment when Mike finally meets a girl two girls who'll get dirrrty with him. Did you think his ménage was hot or not?

Episode 13: The gang's Everglades trip kind of reminded of us of a kooky Brady Bunch adventure minus the corduroy blazers and middle hair parts. And is that a bad-luck tiki necklace on Mike? (He did, after all, puke during the ride home.)