VIDEO: Watch A Deleted Scene From The 'Jersey Shore' Finale

It's hard to believe that the "Jersey Shore" gang successfully held down jobs while they were gallivanting around Miami (not that they didn't thoroughly impress us with their time management skills when they worked at the Shore Store). But Enzo saw something in his all-stars and kept them gainfully employed, despite their best efforts to let 12-hour disco naps interfere with their gelato scooping. 'Course, JWOWW loathed the fact that the boss man wouldn't give her free smoothies (pay for food?--gasp!) and Snooki was bored out of her mind during her shifts, but the housemates were touched when it was time to say farewell.

Check out this deleted scene from last week's season finale, where Enzo toasts good-bye to his staff and wishes them all the best of luck. Vinny's sad to leave everyone behind and Mike's just happy he didn't get fired.