VIDEO: 'The Buried Life' Boys Want A Lock Of Robert Pattinson's Hair

After seeing Dave successfully handcuff a criminal on last week's episode of "The Buried Life," we assumed that anything the boys did from that point on would have to be less dangerous. But, we might be wrong. Dave, Duncan, Jonnie and Ben's next goal is to steal a lock of Robert Pattinson's hair! Even if they get close enough to chop his coif, what about the gaggles of crazy Twi-hard fans? Surely they won't stand back and let it happen?

Check out the sneak peek video and watch as they brainstorm their approach. Curious as to how this made it onto their bucket list? "We got dared on our Facebook page," Jonnie shared with MTV News. "We asked [fans] what they would dare us to do, because one of the list items is to accept a dare, and they said the world voted and that we should steal a lock of Robert Pattinson's hair."