The Best 'Jersey Shore' Moments In Pictures: Hookups Edition

Empty-handed after a long night of creepin' at the clubs? That's never a huge deal for the "Jersey Shore" cast--they can always just smush each other! While yesterday we showed you stills of the best fight scenes from the series, today we're looking back on our favorite housemate hookups of Season 1 and 2. Check 'em out below, then take our poll and vote for the steamiest (yet sort of incestuous, right?) late-night dalliance.

Season 1, Episode 2: JWOWW and Pauly D

Hey, we can't blame the girl for wanting to get a glimpse of Pauly D's Prince Albert, but she was dating Tom at the time, so you know, that was kind of shady.

Season 1, Episode 3 and 9: Mike and Snooki

This unlikely pair took to the Jacuzzi twice during Season 1, presumably because they were feelin' lonely after striking out at the clubs. Mike and Snooks had much worse luck in the hookup department back in Seaside Heights.

Season 2, Episode 1 and 2: Sammie and Ronnie

Who could forget the times Ronnie got creepy (i.e., three-way kissed and motor-boated some grenades) while he was out with the boys, and then crawled into bed with Sammi the minute he arrived home? JWOWW actually referred to his behavior as "pig status."

Season 2, Episode 6: Snooki and Vinny

This was perhaps our favorite hookup of all time, seeing that these two are legitimate close friends and have even admitted to having deeper feelings for each other. We also loved Snooki's reaction to Vinny's giant _______.

Season 2, Episode 6: Angelina and Pauly D

We knew she had a thing for Pauly, that's been obvious all along. But it was a pretty big surprise when he took Angelina up on a make-out session, especially after she'd slapped him in a drunken stupor about a week prior.

Season 2, Episode 7: Angelina and Vinny

Now this one was the biggest shock for us. After blasting Vinny for being a "loser" and then him reciprocating by calling her the "Staten Island Dump," these two hard-core enemies blew off all that steam in a much more peaceful way after hitting the bottle. 'Course, they continued to loathe each other the following day.

What was your favorite housemate hookup?

  • JWOWW and Pauly D
  • Snooki and Mike
  • Sammi and Ronnie
  • Snooki and Vinny
  • Angelina and Pauly D
  • Angelina and Vinny