VIDEO: Catelynn And Tyler Owe Their Determination To Carly

It's remarkable to see the way Catelynn keeps her composure despite the hurtful things her mother says. Throughout this season of "Teen Mom," April doled out quite a few tongue-lashings (she even called Cate a "bitch") and the worst part is that it all appeared to be misplaced anger (from an outsider's perspective, at least).

Even tonight, as all the moms, fathers and other loved ones gathered together for the "Teen Mom Finale Special," April found a way to demean her daughter onstage. Dr. Drew was there hosting the show and called her on her behavior, suggesting that mocking Catelynn (April made a halo shape above her daughter's head to insinuate that she's Miss Perfect) is a form of abuse.

The good news is that no matter how tough things get at home, Caytelynn and Tyler have really solidified their bond. In an exclusive interview with Remote Control, the young couple talks about being focused on completing school and starting their careers. What do they hope to do? It looks like their recent life experiences have played a huge part--Catelynn wants to be a pediatric nurse and Tyler aspires to advise troubled youth. Watch the clip below, and after the jump find out why they felt so comfortable during their visit with Carly in West Virginia.