VIDEO: Farrah's Mom Reveals Her Similar Story Of Loss

We've been following Farrah's life ever since her "16 and Pregnant" episode, but it wasn't until she opened up about Sophia's deceased father on this season of "Teen Mom" that we learned a major piece of the puzzle. Farrah wasn't closed off from her family just for the sake of it--she was privately grieving the death of her first love, Derek, and no one seemed to understand. Even Farrah's mom, Debra, found it challenging to sympathize with Farrah's loss, partly because she felt that the relationship was being romanticized. But through therapy, the two found a way to communicate and pave the road for a new and healthier mother-daughter relationship.

On tonight's "Teen Mom Finale Special," Farrah and her mom spoke to host Dr. Drew about the power of counseling and how it's helped them grow. And following the show, Debra revealed in an interview with Remote Control that she has more in common with Farrah's story than we could ever imagine: She lost someone she loved before they were supposed to marry. That experience has helped her support Farrah through this difficult recovery. Hear the two of them discuss their bond in the video below, plus after the jump, find out what Farrah's NOT looking for in a guy this time around.