VIDEO: Maci Says She's Torn Between Ryan And Kyle

On tonight's "Teen Mom Finale Special," one by one the cast members stepped onto Dr. Drew's conveyor belt of psychoanalysis and updated fans on their current situation. Watching Farrah and her mom treat each other with sensitivity and respect--not to mention hearing Gary and Amber calmly discuss their relationship issues--was a welcomed change. Even April softened up when Catelynn and Tyler expressed their concern about her lack of friends. But perhaps the biggest relief was seeing Kyle and Maci back together, admittedly in love and committed to making things work. (Let's all hope they've learned how to have an argument without completely walking away!)

Having Kyle by her side seemed to give Maci the confidence to later face Bentley's dad, Ryan, on her own as Dr. Drew resurrected some old, uncomfortable feelings. Maci may have moved on, but Ryan's opinions will always affect her heart. (Yes, that IS the smell of a love triangle brewing...Season 3 couldn't get here fast enough!)

After Maci and Kyle finished up with the reality TV doctor, Remote Control met them backstage for a quick follow-up. We wanted to know what it's been like for Maci to juggle the delicate relationships she has with the father of her child and the man she plans to marry one day. In this video, she explains how difficult it can be when having to pick sides. Plus, after the jump, Maci compliments Ryan (and his parents) on his growing maturity. Take a look: