MTV Rewind: 10/11/10-10/15/10: What You Missed On Air This Week

"World Of Jenks"

Full Episode: Andrew follows a champion poker player who's questioning his career.

Bonus Clip: Jenks is impressed that Nick is using his gambling winnings to make a documentary with his brother.

Sneak Peek: The filmmaker goes backstage to warm up with the band, VersaEmerge. Watch it:

"The Buried Life"

Full Episode: The dreamers take off for Vegas to help Dave find the bride of his dreams.

Bonus Clip: It turns out that Dave's wife-to-be is only 18 years old. Good thing that's old enough for the groom (and the state of Nevada!).

Sneak Peek: The lifers go undercover to capture a fugitive. Check it out:

"Teen Mom"

Full Episode: Farrah's mom sets her up on a date, and Ryan asks Maci if she ever considers getting back together.

Bonus Clip: Ryan turns to his parents for advice regarding his visitation rights with Bentley.

After Show: Catelynn talks about what it was like to reunite with her daughter for the first time. Even now, she has no regrets about placing Carly up for adoption.

Unseen Moments: Find out what you missed! Watch now:

"If You Really Knew Me"

Full Episode: Challenge Day visits Royal Oak High to help one girl defend herself against school bullies. Watch the full episode:

"The Challenge: Cutthroat"

Full Episode: Chet chooses loyalty over his crush, Mandi, and votes her into the Gulag.

Sneak Peek: In a drunken rage, Laurel gets nasty and insults Big Easy a number of times.

After Show: The cast talks about Chet's move, as well as whether or not the house is haunted. Watch it:

"Jersey Shore"

Full Episode: "The Situation" strikes out with two DTFs, Snooki gets homesick and Vinny's still sprung on Ramona.

Bonus Clip: Pauly D gives Vinny step-by-step tips for creating the perfect blowout.

Sneak Peek: The house heads down to The Everglades to visit the crocodiles and chow down on frog legs.

After Show: Sammi admits that she can be hypersensitive, and JWOWW talks about her daring fashions. Watch it: