The 'Jersey Shore' Cast vs. Michelle Obama: Who's More Fascinating?

Life & Style reported yesterday that Barbara Walters has selected the "Jersey Shore" cast to be part of her annual "10 Most Fascinating People of 2010" special. The news is particularly awesome if you consider the company MTV's feisty family is in: Babwa also plans to feature Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga and Jay-Z, just to name a few.

But wait, there's one caveat. The show is only two months away, which unfortunately means that Angelina's pop album won't have enough time to go platinum, nor will Pauly D be able to secure a spot on the Supreme Court by the date it airs. Hate to say it, but we're wondering whether the cast can really measure up to the rest of the people on the list! Don't get us wrong--we love them all dearly--but we're torn over whether America's favorite Thursday night drinking buddies can hold a candle to the First Lady and Co.

+ What do you think? Are you fascinated more by the "Jersey Shore" gang or the U.S. president's wife? Take the poll and sound off!

Photos: MTV and Jeff Haynes/Getty Images

Who's more fascinating: The Jersey Shore cast or Michelle Obama?

  • The Jersey Shore cast
  • The First Lady