Kevin's Blog: Russell Brand Liked Me 'More Than I Anticipated'

Russell Brand stopped by "The Seven" a couple days ago, and while my primary goal was to create entertaining television, I also wanted to develop a friendship with him; I really wanted the guy to like me! Russell's always seemed like a smart dude, and I value the opinion of bright people. He's witty and just so damn quick--if the average person's brain moves at 50 mph, his travels at 150 mph. But he's also a bit of a wild card--you never really know what you're gonna get.

In the end, I'm pleased to say that we had a really nice chat, and luckily, he wound up liking me more than I anticipated. So much in fact that he kissed my face and neck while I was setting up our No. 1 story of the day. You try doing your job while Aldous Snow smothers you with affection--it's a little distracting!

As a final note: If you appreciate his ridiculous vocabulary and stream of conscious narrative, then you'll like "Booky Wook 2" (and the original "Booky Wook" for that matter). It's physically impossible to read his work without hearing Russell Brand's voice. I give it '2 Kevin Thumbs Up.'

If you missed Russell's visit, you can check it out here: