VIDEO: Sammi Admits That She Can Be Too Sensitive

If you thought Sammi seemed hypersensitive when Ronnie made a comment about liking Asians, you're not alone, cuz we considered the same thing. And we've considered it many times before the latest episode of "Jersey Shore."

Sam's been stuck on an emotional rollercoaster the entire season, and really, who can blame the girl -- her boyfriend spent a majority of the time in Miami acting like he wasn't her boyfriend. But being told that you look exotic (and possibly resemble an ex-luvah) is hardly a reason to throw a why-are-you-with-me tantrum!

Check out a clip from this week's "Jersey Shore Hook-up," where Sammi admits that she was being dramatic during the fight in question but couldn't help her behavior because she was so anxious. Plus, take the poll and let us know if you think she had a right to flip out, or if she needs to finally get a grip.