'South Park' Rips On Snooki...And She Loves It!

It's a bird...it's a plane...it's Snooki! After learning yesterday that the "Jersey Shore" would invade Comedy Central's "South Park," we were eager to find out how "The Resistance" planned to fight off New Jersey's westward expansion. More specifically, we couldn't wait to see which castie, if any, would make a cartoon cameo. If you missed the episode last night, here's the gist: South Park residents came together to brainstorm their attack strategy against The Garden State, but word got out that there was a disturbance at the bar. It was Snooki, and she was hungry for a smush!

So, how'd Snooks feel about being portrayed as a red-nosed rabid hunchback with baggy underwear? According to this tweet, she loved it, writing "Snooki want smoosh smoosh ... We've officially made it."

Personally, our favorite part of the scene is her neon green slippers. Check 'em out: