'Jersey Shore' Poll: Should Girls Visit Guys After Hours If They're Not DTF?

"The Situation" might want to mind his manners the next time he's entertaining ladies club rats at the house. Sure, it's not like he and *Pauly D invited them over for tea and polo, but kicking a girl out because she's not DTF (Down To You-Know-What) isn't very classy, as Angelina would put it. And to think, we were just beginning to notice a shift in Mike's ego-meter after he was booted from "Dancing with the Stars"!

To Mike's defense, we do (reluctantly) see the point he made during the tiffs that erupted on tonight's "Jersey Shore": Why would those girls (who BTW, were definitely not grenades) accept an offer to continue the party back at the house--with guys who were obviously looking to get it in--if they weren't DTF? Last time we checked, a post-party snuggling session pretty much implies hooking up.

+ What do you think? Are we bringing down the feminist movement by siding with Mike on this issue? (Remember, we're totally not excusing how he handled himself, just deeming the thought process acceptable.) Or, are you in agreement that it's not too smart to flirt with a random guy you meet at club, then go back to his house at 5a.m. only to reveal that you've got a boyfriend (or worse, simply aren't interested)? Take the poll and sound off!

* Pauly D's girls were, in fact, DTF. Poor guy.

Should girls be DTF if they agree to hang with guys after hours?

  • Yes, guys are mostly thinking with their d**ks at that time.
  • No, is it too much to expect a tour of the house and kiss on the cheek goodnight?