JWOWW's 'Ultimate Stripper' Outfit: Hot Or Not?

On tonight's episode of "Jersey Shore," JWOWW could barely contain her excitement boobs as she prepped for an evening out at Space. She'd been waiting all summer for a VIP pass, and apparently, saving a very special outfit for the occasion.

Now Jenni's never been one to cover up--she even tells Kenny Santucci in the Jersey Shore Hook-up clip below that the thought of throwing on another layer never crossed her mind--but she knew full well that this particular club getup (or the 85 percent of her body it didn't cover) would illicit more dirty catcalls than usual. And she didn't care a single bit.

+ What did you think of what Snooki deemed the "ultimate stripper" outfit? It takes a bold, confident lady to wear something that tight and revealing--even to the gym--so we're sure JWOWW's open to hearing your honest reaction. Take the poll and relay the message!

JWOWW's club outfit: Hot or Not?

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