VIDEO: 'South Park' Gives A Big Eff U To Jersey!

Over the past year, we've watched with awe as "Jersey Shore" invaded all of western civilization, not to mention Halloween costume stores. From "The Situation" competing (and losing) on "Dancing with the Stars" to Pauly D teaching Jay Leno what it means to "creep" and "smush," the state of New Jersey has never gotten so much media attention. And Sleazeside Heights has actually become a legit vacation destination!

Fittingly, tonight's episode of "South Park" (10/9c on Comedy Central) features a poufed and Axe-drenched mob of Dirty Jerzians storming the town, armed with aerosol hairspray, gym towels and rosary beads. In this sneak peek, watch the South Park residents The Resistance fight off a New Jersey World Order and give the guidos a big eff u. (We happen to think they're just jealous.)

And now, let's all have a community prayer that "The Real Housewives" are spared.