Will Losing 'Dancing With The Stars' Change 'The Situation'?

Mike's not a guy who's accustomed to being put in the bottom (or in the corner, like his "Dancing With The Stars" co-star, Jennifer Grey), so coming in last place on Monday (he scored of 28 out of 60) and stomaching a smattering of ego-stripping insults couldn't have been easy. We were definitely disappointed last night when "The Situation" and dance partner, Karina Smirnoff, learned that they were eliminated (even after he changed his haircut?), but we loved seeing how maturely he handled it all. "I'm not a dancer, and this is definitely hard," Mike told co-host Tom Bergeron. "On 'Jersey Shore,' you get a little keyhole of who I am. On 'Dancing With the Stars,' you really get the whole 'Situation.'"

Check out his interview below, then sound off in the comments about whether you were impressed by how well Mike kept his composure throughout the competition. Maybe the loss will forever change "The Situation" and his pompous persona...maybe.

Photo: ABC/Greg Zabilski