Hot Shots: The 'Jersey Shore' Boys (Especially Vinny) Want YOU!

When "Jersey Shore" was but a fetus, the boys in the cast were total amateurs at getting their pictures taken, so it's no wonder they utilized the age-old flexing stance for most of their Kodak moments. But there's nothing like some instant fame to get the creative juices flowing.

As we're sure you've noticed, the "Jersey Shore" gang has switched things up since Season 2 started, pulling way more interesting poses out of their trucker hats. Plus, they've totally upped the frequency of The Finger-Point position (perhaps taking a cue from the iconic U.S. Army's 'Uncle Sam Wants YOU!' poster?), a much less obvious (and therefore, much cooler) way to show off them muscles. But while Ronnie, Mike and Pauly can never seem to get enough of this man-of-the-town affectation (see pics from their Miami photo shoot above), it definitely took some time for Vinny to appear a natural at it.

Well, time's up! Apparently landing super hot chick Ramona built up Vin's confidence a bit, because he was recently spotted at MTV's "Real World" Brad Fiorenza party in Hockessin, Delaware, guns a-blazing! Take a look at this hot shot of Staten Island's most eligible player, and tell us whether or not you think he works The Finger-Point like a true O.G.

Photos: MTV and Gilbert Carrasquillo/Splash News

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