'Teen Mom' Poll: Should Ryan And Maci Get Back Together?

Didn't think you'd be seeing that headline again, right? Well, neither did we. We spent so much time this season focusing on the adorable bond between Maci and Kyle that posing a been-there-done-that question like "Should Ryan and Maci get back together?" never even entered our mind. But on tonight's finale of "Teen Mom," it was Ryan himself who planted the idea in our head that he and Maci could always get back together.

After sitting down with a mediator and drafting up a new co-parenting plan for Bentley, Ryan asked Maci if she thought they should be a couple...for their son. 'Course, she immediately said no, but neither of them seemed convinced that the offer should be completely removed from the table.

+ Should the exes give it another go? We asked this question much earlier in the year and 48% of you said no, but that was way back when Ryan's priorities were different. Has enough changed? Take the poll and let us know what you think!

A lot has changed. Should Maci and Ryan try to make it work again?

  • Yes. He's a much better father and more mature person now.
  • No. They've already moved on, why go back?