One Year Later: Did Catelynn Make The Best Decision For Her Daughter?

After an anxiety-inducing eight-hour drive to West Virginia, we watched as Tyler and Catelynn exited their car and walked toward their biological daughter, Carly, for the very first time since her birth. They were hesitant and didn't want to overstep their boundaries with adoptive parents Brandon and Teresa, but it didn't take long before the couple started playing with their baby girl.

Throughout tonight's season finale of "Teen Mom," we expected to see the young parents break down and cry at the thought of leaving West Virginia empty-handed--and possibly even show signs of remorse--but they kept their composure. Were they bottling up their feelings, or were they really confident they made the right choice one year prior?

In this exclusive interview with SuChin Pak, Catelynn says she has absolutely no regrets about her decision (don't forget, she nearly had a change of heart two weeks before giving birth to Carly). So where do you stand? Now that an entire year has passed and Carly appears to be happy and healthy, do you think Cate and Tyler went down the right path? Watch the clip, then take the poll and feel free to share!


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