Julie's Blog: Comic Con…It's Not Just A Haven For Geeks!

Over the weekend, I went to the New York City Comic Con. No, I didn't dress up, and no, I don't play Dungeons & Dragons in my mom's basement. When I told my friends I was going, they were like, "Why? That's so geeky...those people are so weird." Now that I've returned from said geekfest, I'd like to set a few things straight.

First of all, Comic Con is not just about comic books--it's about honoring the culture. The event features everything from gaming, movies, entertainment, Sci-Fi and fantasy (like Renaissance Fair stuff) to Manga, Anime (Japanese animation), fashion, toys and collectibles. You name it, it's there! I was impressed by all the Cosplay (fans who dress like their favorite superheroes, villain or characters) and the time and effort each person put into their costume.

Second, Comic Con serves as a networking tool, where up-and-coming animators and cartoonists can gather in the hopes of getting discovered by a publishing company. The amount of artistic talent was unbelievable!

And you don't have to be a comic book expert or know every line from "Star Wars" to enjoy the "Con." Some people just go to enjoy the scenery (I mean, c'mon, haven't you ever wanted to see a live Samurai sword fight? Or a life-size spaceship? Not to mention all the celebrities who attend!). The convention is for anybody who's passionate. I have to admit, I am a huge fan of it, and this was not my first one (in fact, I usually dress up). But what was so amazing about this year's Con was how many people showed up! I have never seen it so packed--the entire weekend was actually sold out!

So the next time your friend tries to tell you that attending Comic Con is a nerd convention, you can tell them just how wrong they are. It's a creative explosion of self-expression. For one weekend, you can be a superhero and you can have magic powers.... You can be anything or anyone you want.