VIDEO: Pauly D Was A Used Car Salesman In A Past Life

Before the "Jersey Shore" cameras, eager paparazzi and screaming teens with poufs stalked his every move, Pauly D led a pretty average young(ish) person's life. He even worked more than one job to pay for any type of luxury (say, for instance, a personal tanning bed).

As for profession No. 1, Pauly proudly made public at the start of the series that he was the baddest DJ in all of...Rhode Island--but what he didn't quite boast about at the time was his second career in the "car business." Thankfully, he's talking now. In the below video, Jay Leno interviews the ladies' man about working his way up the ladder at Metro Honda from carwasher to used car salesman. (Who knew the always freshly clothed and starched GTLer once wore a blue collar and got his hands dirty under the hood of something other than skanky club chicks?)

+ Watch the clip to hear Pauly open up about his past life and also defend his hair's natural state, which shares quite a strong resemblance to Justin Bieber's finished 'do.