'IYRKM' Finale Poll: Which Student's Story Did You Relate To The Most?

Throughout the season of "If You Really Knew Me," we met countless students who struggled to balance their emotional hardships with the everyday stress of school, and Nicole's story on tonight's episode was definitely one of the most hard-hitting. Learning that her size was a driving factor in the amount of physical bullying she endured really highlighted how much appearance impacts the high school experience.

+ Nicole's not the only student who benefited from Challenge Day--there have been many. Refresh your memory by checking out the backstories on some of the teens below, then take our poll and let us know whose life you related to the most.


The surfer boy outcast from Columbia High who forced himself to meet new people (and new girls).


The California transplant who felt incredibly isolated by his classmates. Eventually, he asked everyone to take the time to get to know him.


The fashionable singer/songwriter who hid his feelings behind his clothing at Denver School of the Arts.


The drill team captain who pushed away a close friend until Challenge Day taught her how to forgive.


The class clown, who eventually put down his bag of jokes and opened up to his peers.