'The Sitch' On His 'DWTS' Performance: 'I Tried So Hard...I Changed My Haircut'

When it comes to being judged, there are typically two types of criticism one can expect: constructive and downright debilitating. So which do you think Mike "The Situation" received after his not-so-perfect performance on last night's "Dancing with the Stars"? Here's a hint: Judge Bruno Tonioli called his tango "a terrible mess."

Even though Mike and his partner, Karina, managed to pull off some pretty challenging lifts, their dance put them in last place. Mike may have kept his chin up on-camera, but according to UsMagazine.com, he was pretty pissed off by the panel's negativity.

"I don't know what their deal was. I really don't know," Mike told the website. "I was upset. I actually stormed off upset because I tried so hard. I really did. I changed my haircut, I don't know."

We have to agree with Mike on this one. The guy flipped the script in the barber shop, replacing squiggly lines and stars with a debonair coif! That should've been worth a few extra points right there.

+ What's your take on the situation? Are the judges singling out the "Jersey Shore" castie, or does he really have two left feet? Sound off in the comments!