'Teen Mom' Finale Poll: Who Matured The Most This Season?

They've come a long way since Season 1, baby, but it really wasn't so long ago that Farrah was feuding with her mom over wanting a social life, Maci was allowing then-boyfriend Ryan to kill her confidence and Catelynn was struggling with her decision to make an adoption plan for Carly.

Flash forward to the end of Season 2 (sniff), and what's plain to see is a group of headstrong, resourceful young mothers who've learned from their wins and losses, and are doing everything in their power to give their children the best life possible. Watching each of them grow from naive and scared kids into empowered women has been a truly remarkable experience. In the past few weeks alone, we've witnessed Maci assert her independence by starting fresh in Nashville, Farrah confront her grief in therapy and Catelynn delight in the happiness her daughter gets from being parented in a stable and loving home.

+ They've all matured so much this season, but which teen mom do you think has come the furthest? Take our poll and share your opinions about all the high and lows of Season 2.

Which Teen Mom has grown the most this season?

  • Farrah
  • Maci
  • Catelynn
  • Amber