VIDEO: Will Shauvon And Dan Be The Next 'Cutthroat' Couple?

Watching "The Challenge: Cutthroat" is like eating potato chips -- once you start, you can't stop. And since Wednesdays (at 10/9c) always seem so far away, we’ll be sifting through the Challenge Dailies on a regular basis to give you your dose of Cutthroat action. You're welcome!

While we all love watching the eager Challengers map out strategies and scheme up their next move, part of the reason we tune in every week is to catch some steamy hookup action. Since we told you to expect a lot of it this season, it's only fair that we deliver on our promise. So without further ado, here's our next hormone-charged twosome.

In this Challenge Daily, Shauvon tells Dan that she doesn't like when guys stare at her boobs. He agrees to only gaze into her eyes ... but alas, that's not what she really wants. Shauvon stands up, leans into his lap and starts kissing him, thus giving him an unobstructed view of her rack. You gotta love the mixed messages!