VIDEO: Lauren Conrad Cares About The Fashionably Challenged

In the middle of a busy double book tour, author and fashionista Lauren Conrad recently took an important time-out to express her concern for a tragic dilemma facing thousands of Americans: "Fashion F**k-Ups." FFUs, of course, surround us all and can be easily identified by their dwarfed kitten heels and crystallized Ed Hardy T-shirts.

Lauren filmed the PSA for Ryan Seacrest's radio show, and while it's a parody of sorts, she urges that we all take this issue seriously. "How many times have you gone to meet a friend, and found yourself feeling the firsthand effects of their secondhand clothes?" That just hits home, doesn't it?

If you're gonna take advice from anyone, then it should be from the girl that just rewrote the book on style. True friends don't let friends dress poorly.

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