'World Of Jenks' Poll: Should Nick Retire From Playing Poker?

When Andrew Jenks first met professional poker player Nick Schulman on tonight's episode of "World of Jenks," he mistook him for a kid that reveled in the fast life. Even though he came across as a jet-setting moneymaker with an insatiable appetite for gambling (the guy bet on a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors!), there was definitely a lot more to him--Nick turned out to be an incredibly introspective guy who just wanted to find happiness. After a surprising early loss in the World Series Of Poker, the card shark felt completely defeated and questioned his career path. Immersing himself in poker as a means to cover up his seemingly inescapable depression was no longer working.

+ During a drive with Andrew, it seemed like Nick was contemplating a lifestyle change. What do you think? Should he quit playing poker and pursue something else, or stick with it and just work on his emotions with a therapist? Take the poll and share your opinion in the comments.

Should Nick retire from playing poker professionally?

  • Definitely. It's stressful and making him unhappy.
  • Not sure, but he should continue with therapy.
  • No way, the guy's too good to quit.