A 'Snookin' For Love' Dating Show? Snooki Says It's BS

For weeks, every big-name pot-stirrer in the blogosphere has been posting reports that Snooki's finally getting that dating show she was angling for after Season 1 of "Jersey Shore" made her a media darling. But Snooks has come forward saying she isn't interested in playing Ochocinco-type games in order to find herself a hot gorilla juicehead. Over the weekend, she took to her Twitter to set the record straight: "Let's clear this up kids, I did not get my own dating show. And plus, I gotta man, I don't need anybody else :)" Just a few hours later, she followed up the revealing tweet with another one that--intentionally or not--declared this new relationship something serious: "With my sexy man and family :) love this!" Yep, he's already met the parents!

We're happy if Snooki's happy, but we do have one high hope for her latest guy: that he's nothing at all like her exes, heartbreaker Emilio Masella and fame-seeker Jeff Miranda.