VIDEO: Mike Boldly Asks Vinny If They Can Share His Girl

After Vinny caught ladies' man Mike "The Situation" ogle his girl during last week's "Jersey Shore," he grew concerned that his roommate and MVP team captain was preparing for a robbery. Fortunately for Vinny, Ramona denied Mike's advances, and as a result, he sat on the couch like a sourpuss, gawking at the couple while they blissfully body-rolled on the dance floor. So what was the cause of Mike's unusual behavior? Was he jealous, super horny or was it something else?

Check out this deleted scene from the latest episode, where Mike decides to be up front about his desire to hook up with Ramona and asks his "Jersey Shore" buddy if he can play doctor with his lady, saying, "We usually share, bro." Does he really like the girl, or is this all part of Mike's master plan to get back at Vinny for messing with his sister last season? Hmm...

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