MTV Rewind: 10/04/10-10/08/10: What You Missed On Air Last Week

"World Of Jenks"

Full Episode: Andrew goes undercover with a brave animal rescuer named Brogan.

Bonus Clip: Andrew reflects on coming into contact with horses that escaped illegal slaughter farms.

Sneak Peek: The filmmaker hangs with a professional poker player next. Watch it:

"The Buried Life"

Full Episode: Duncan crashes the CMT Awards so he can ask out Taylor Swift.

Bonus Clip: Jonnie tries to help out Bob, a man who dreams of reuniting with his long lost love.

Sneak Peek: The boys learn what it means to be high rollers. Check it out:

"Teen Mom"

Full Episode: Maci and Kyle call it quits and Amber meets a new guy at Walmart.

Bonus Clip: Tyler's mom is really looking forward to meeting Carly one day.

After Show: Farrah tells SuChin Pak that she used to take her mom for granted.

Sneak Peek: On the season finale, Tyler and Catelynn finally reunite with their daughter. Check it out:

"If You Really Knew Me"

Full Episode: Challenge Day heads to Rancocas High to discourage students from spreading rumors.

Sneak Peek: Royal Oak High is up next. Watch the clip:

"The Challenge"

Full Episode: The Challengers head to Prague, are placed into three teams and Emilee's the first player sent home.

Sneak Peek: Abram screws with everyone's minds by telling them their house is haunted.

Cutthroat Confessional: Paula moderates a recap of the episode. Watch it:

"Jersey Shore"

Full Episode: JWOWW tries to clear the air with Sammi, Vinny meets up with his dream girl Ramona and Mike shows serious signs of jealousy.

Bonus Clip: Mike asks Vinny if they can share his new lady.

Sneak Peek: The girls get excited to go to Space, a hot spot that's just like New Jersey clubs.

After Show: Sammi explains why she had a hard time accepting JWOWW's apology. Watch it:

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