Hot Shots: Snooki Runs Away From Guy With Beer Gut

While guest-judging a "Best College Abs" contest at Binghamton University yesterday, a student with a pretty major beer gut stripped off his Shirt Before The Shirt and proudly showed Snooki his belly full of zeppole. Startled by the dimensions of said waistline, she sprinted away as fast as she could.

It's reasonable to imagine Snooki ignoring a dude with an untrimmed tummy, or maybe saying something super snarky (like when she told the Miami "grundle chode" that being near him made her want to kill someone), but we definitely never pegged the tough "Jersey Shore" girl for someone who would run in the other direction! Maybe it was the pale skin that truly frightened her?

Anyhoo, the night wasn't all a loss. Since she's never been the type to shy away from half-naked boys, Snooki welcomed contestants that fit the gorilla juicehead bill with open arms. We're not sure who won the ab-off (it's kinda hard to crown a winner without stomach standouts Bret Michaels and Mike "The Situation" there to even the playing field), but it looks like she had a really good time performing her ogling duties!

Photos: Splash/Brian Prahl