'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Did Not Date A Sex Offender

For the second time in two weeks, "Teen Mom" headquarters finds itself on the defensive end of some harmful--and bogus--gossip. Last week, it proved necessary to call cast member Farrah for a response to OK! magazine's false claim that she was pregnant with a second child, and now it's important that we clear up an even more serious rumor.

Yesterday afternoon, outrage spread like lightning across the internet that Amber's new boyfriend on the show had a criminal record as a sexual offender--child molestation to be specific. The allegations are untrue. Chris, who appeared in Episode 11 of "Teen Mom," does have a history with the law, but we can state without doubt that he has not faced legal charges for sexual crimes.

The man on the Madison Country Sheriff's Office offenders website that Perez Hilton cited, Christopher Glen Hossman, is not the same Chris who was featured on "Teen Mom" this past Tuesday night. Christopher Glen Hossman is 5'7" and 27 years old; the Chris who took Amber on a date is 5' 10" and just shy of 22.

The moral of this story, fellow bloggers and editors? It's not a scoop if the info is incorrect, so check your facts before you post!