VIDEO: Vinny Explains Why He Gave The Girl Who Dissed Him A Second Chance

On tonight's episode of "Jersey Shore," we saw a wide-eyed Vinny prep for his beachside picnic with Ramona. The kid had all the hope in the world, which immediately gave us an unsettling feeling in our stomach. Wasn't this the same chick who stood up our lovable Joisey boy earlier in the season?

Thankfully, Ramona showed up for the date this time (as in, she arrived a few hours late), and she and Vinny even shared a hot smooch. But did this girl really deserve a second chance? Check out our latest "Jersey Shore Hook-up," where Vinny explains why he forgave her (hey, "She's hot!"), then take the poll and share your opinion on his unreliable lady.

Did Ramona deserve a second shot with Vinny?

  • Yes, she seems like a nice (and beautiful) girl.
  • No way. He should've thrown out her number!