'Jersey Shore' Poll: Was JWOWW's Apology To Sammi Sincere?

Tonight's episode of "Jersey Shore" kicked off with some post-mortem boredom, courtesy of Angelina's absence, which brought matters back to square one with the anonymous note business. In between pulling dirt out of her fake lashes and twirling her hair, JWOWW had a mea culpa moment and told Sammi she was sorry for World War WOWW. But Sammi was too busy finger-combing her eyebrows to even acknowledge her roommate's apology. (Nothing like receiving a "whoopsies" from a girl you still hate!)

Check out this clip from our latest episode of the "Jersey Shore Hook-up," where Sammi explains to host Kenny Santucci why she thought Jenni's plea was totally phony, then tell us whether or not you agree.

Was JWOWW's apology sincere?

  • Yes, she feels bad deep down inside.
  • No, she only apologized because Snooki did.