Julie's Blog: Meeting Nicole Richie Was An Amazing Moment

Looking back on last week, all I can think of is how glad I am that we finally have the first week under our belt. I think about how nervous I was on the first day (even my friends who watched said "I could tell you were nervous"), but now I feel so much more comfortable onstage. It’s still a learning process, and I totally still get anxious about 10 minutes before going on, but with a live show, you never know what’s going to happen--and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next!

One of my favorite moments from last week was when I got to interview Nicole Richie. I just wanna say how proud I am of her, and how much I admire her drive and determination. Not only is she a successful clothing and jewelery designer, bestselling author, actress and fashion icon, but let’s not forget…a mother of two adorable kids! How does she do it? Where/how/when does she find the time?

Nicole and I chatted before our interview onstage, and she really impressed me. She is so focused, so driven...there's nothing this girl can't do! Not to mention, she makes it all seem so easy. And did I mention she looked amazing? I love her fashion sense, and she looked perfectly dressed for fall, from her cute hat down to those sleek black pumps. I’m so glad she was able to stop by "The Seven," because to me, Nicole is truly a success story. She wasn’t always so put together, so seeing her succeed now is really awesome.

Did you miss Nicole's visit to "The Seven" studio? No prob, watch it here: