The 'Jersey Shore' Pranks You Didn't Get To See

If there's one thing that constantly piques our interest, it's food...especially Italian food. So when we learned in this week's issue of Us Weekly that Mike "The Situation" teased his nemesis, Angelina, with all sorts of provisions, well, we were impressed with his culinary craftiness. It's one thing to call her nasty names (which of course, he did), but to get creative in the kitchen and utilize an arsenal of ingredients as a method of attack, well that's just friggin' divine.

So what sort of pranks are we talking about? "One time, Mike put a condom on my pillow--with whipped cream in it so it looked used," Angelina told the magazine. "Another time, I found olive oil and grated cheese all over my bed." Too bad he didn't leave any bread or pepperoncini behind; that would have made for a great antipasti!

Don't think for a second that outspoken Angie from the Block just sat there and took it. Apparently, there was quite a tit-for-tat happening in the "Jersey Shore" house (and we're not just talking about the used sanitary pad she left in the bathroom!). "I took [Mike's] hair glue and put it in everything--his face wash, his $300 Dior face lotion." How do ya like dem apples, Mike?