Hot Shots: Even Sweet Lil' Reese Witherspoon Likes To Fist Pump!

"The Situation" surprised "Dancing with the Stars" viewers last night when he was given the greenlight to lambada (or whatever he's been trying to do) for another week. And while he presumably got his groove on today at the "DWTS" practice space, an unexpected Hollywood A-Lister was making up for his lack of fist-pumping at the "Jersey Shore" clubs.

See these pics? That's Reese "Sweet Home Alabama" Witherspoon channeling her inner guidette for a new flick, "This Means War." The actress was spotted by paps today at the Vancouver library throwing her hands up to "Survivor" by Destiny's Child for a scene in which her character bumps into an ex-boyfriend. Guess this is that moment where the audience full of single girls is supposed to relate to the goofy yet likable heroine because she's been busted at her most vulnerable, and nothing can possibly get worse in her loveless life.

+ Think Reese has got the move down, or should she stick to slow-dancing her way through romantic comedies? Sound off in the comments!

Photos: R Chiang/Splash News