Soundtrack Spotlight: Who Was That Singing Under Maci And Kyle's Break-up?

If you don't know what it's like to helplessly watch the love of your life (or in retrospect, the "mistake") walk out the door, then we're insanely jealous, because watching Kyle leave Maci on last night's episode of "Teen Mom" nearly sent us digging for our Duran Duran CDs.

Oh dear, is the aforementioned pop rock group too old school for your sound system? Then let's chat about a band you already know: A Rocket To The Moon. After all, it was their song playing in the background when Kyle and Maci decided to give up on each other. (Why? Why? Why?)

After forming in 2006, the Massachusetts emo-pop band, whose inspirations are ingrained in early '90s tunes, has already won over the ears of tons of fans. Last night's "Teen Mom" featured their tune, "Like We Used To," which proved to be the perfect melody to complement our melancholic mood.

So what are they up to now? A Rocket To The Moon is currently on tour with Hanson, and they're even keeping notes on the experience in a tour diary. The guys have also logged hours in the studio, putting their own twist on the original recordings of popular songs, such as Beyonce's "Single Ladies." Just take a look at this behind-the-scenes video of A Rocket To The Moon jamming out with special guest Larkin Poe:

Photo: Eric Ryan Anderson