'Jersey Shore' Poll: Is 'The Situation' Jealous Of Vinny?

What's creepier than finding out that your friend hit on your girl while you hit the men's room? How 'bout catching said friend staring in your direction--like, all night--as if he wants to mix you up with some marinara sauce and dig right in? Yep, that's definitely creepier!

In our latest Jersey Shore Hook-up, Vinny ponders why "The Situation" is always barging into his hood and trying to commit a robbery. Vin's not quite sure whether Mike is jealous, or if he simply has a schoolboy crush, but one thing's for certain: Rambo's really been acting like (more of) a butthead lately.

+ What do you think about The Sitch's behavior during tonight's episode of "Jersey Shore"? Was he just trying to get a rise out of Vinny at the club, or is he envious of his younger housemate's luck with the ladies? Take the poll, then watch a clip from our Episode 11 Hook-up, in which Vinny, JWOWW, Sammi and Ronnie discuss Mike's lame game.

Is Mike jealous of Vinny?

  • Definitely! Mike hasn't scored much in Miami.
  • Nah, he was just being an instigator, as usual.