'Cutthroat' Poll: Are You Glad Camila Won The Gulag Challenge?

"Challenge" strategy is typically the same: bully the rookies! Which is why it wasn't a shocker on tonight's "Cutthroat" premiere when Red Team captain, Camila (from the "Spring Break Challenge"), found herself in the lion's den with hostile players from the Blue Team. After Theresa instigated a poorly constructed theft case against her (Ty misplaced some sweatpants and now Camila's a kleptomanic?), the newbie was visibly shaken.

+ Camila jumped into the Gulag and ultimately defeated her opponent, forcing Theresa to rethink her intimidation game plan. Check out the "Cutthroat Confessional" video below, where Paula talks about the house mean girls, then take the poll and let us know if you think Camila or Emilee should have won in the Gulag.

Are you happy Camila defeated Emilee?

  • Yes, it was the best way to piss off Theresa!
  • No, I was rooting for Emilee.