'Teen Mom' Poll: Are You Feelin' Amber's New Man?

We've come to at least two major conclusions after watching last night's episode of "Teen Mom": 1) Criminals have no game (sorry, Chris, even Amber knew that meeting her couldn't have possibly been the best moment of your life) and 2) Walmart is a hotbed of the single and (questionably) eligible. Seriously, when did discount stores become the new nightclubs? (And does the "Jersey Shore" cast know about this?!) First Gary picks up Amber's long lost twin in the baby aisle and now Amber's hanging out with a convict she met in the parking lot.

There hasn't been a lot to laugh about on "Teen Mom" lately, so we'd like to use this blog post to thank the über-intense (and embarrassingly whipped!) Chris for making us giggle a lil bit. We happen to feel that Amber should rethink dating someone on work release, but maybe we're just being judgmental. And that's why we always put the question to you guys! Take the poll and sound off about Amber's new man.

Is Chris a good match for Amber?

  • No, Amber--and Leah--deserve much better!
  • Yes, he seems really sweet, and everyone deserves a chance.