'IYRKM' Poll: Are You Guilty Of Judging People Too Soon?

On tonight's episode of "If You Really Knew Me," we met Sierra, a self-described mean girl that made fun of just about everyone at Rancocas Valley High. After opening up to her peers during Challenge Day, they learned that her fierce attitude was just a mask disguising the sadness she felt from losing her mom to drugs. Sierra admitted that she blamed herself for her mother's death, and after sharing her painful story of abandonment with her classmates, she realized that pushing people away wasn't the answer.

+ Challenge Day gave Sierra the tools she needed in order to encourage her friends to stop spreading rumors and putting kids down. Have you ever been guilty of judging people too quickly? Take the poll!

Are you guilty of judging people too soon?

  • Yes, and I'm working on it.
  • No, but people do it to me.