'Teen Mom' Poll: Should Maci And Kyle Have Tried Harder?

Maci worked so hard to move to Nashville (she had a serious meeting with her parents and even revised the visitation agreement with Ryan), so we were shocked to see how easily--and quickly--her relationship with Kyle unraveled. On tonight's episode of "Teen Mom," her soft-spoken boyfriend started pulling away, and before we knew it, he was sitting in her apartment telling her that they needed to split up.

+ Maci barely batted an eye when Kyle walked out. Should she have begged him to stay and give it another go, or did she do the right thing by letting him leave? Take the poll and share your opinion.

Should Maci have tried harder to make it work with Kyle?

  • Yes! How did she just let him walk out?
  • Not sure, but I feel bad for Bentley.
  • No, he made it clear that he tried.