'The Buried Life' Poll: Were You Surprised Taylor Swift Said 'Yes'?

After Ben failed to charm Megan Fox with his burgundy blazer and red carpet questions during Season 1 of "The Buried Life," it was up to Duncan to pick up the pieces and try to accomplish No. 59 --"Ask Out The Girl Of Your Dreams." Armed with some seriously bushy sideburns and a funky cowboy hat, Duncan (aka country music singer Boone McCaw) tried to sneak into the CMT Awards to find his crush, Taylor Swift. He was denied access, but the boys quickly came up with a backup plan that required him to strip off his disguise and press on as himself. And guess what? He got in there!

+ Were you surprised that Taylor texted Duncan back and agreed to go on a date? She is one of music's biggest superstars, after all. Take the poll and sound off!

Did you expect Taylor Swift to say yes?

  • Yes, who can resist Duncan?
  • No way, but that's great for him!